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Oneteam is a Topic-based collaboration

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Oneteam is Topic-based Content Collaboration

Centralized Knowledgebase for Content Organization and Discussion

Oneteam is a collaboration tool for content management, discussion and work assignment within teams. Centralize your files, content, knowledge and ideas and be able to search by subject, purpose and issue. Assign members to tasks and decide the next course of action. Ensure your team members have the right tool to share their ideas from inception to completion.

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Why Oneteam?

Introducing "Topics"

Streamline your meeting space around "Topics". File information for every subject, idea and purpose. Topics are easily searchable repositories for briefings, deliverables, reporting customer needs, daily reports and storing meeting minutes.

Unlimited File Attachments

Drag and drop any file. No limits. Share, preview and embed anything privately amongst your team in Oneteam.

Fine-Grained Access Control

Disclose information to members on a need-to-know basis. Individual members can privately share necessary information to specific members, groups or the whole team on a topic-by-topic basis.

Template Workflow

Speedup your workflow by standardizing reports and meeting minutes into pre-formatted templates that can be reused by team members.

Slack Integration

Oneteam works with your Slack workspace. Get notifications in Slack when Topics are created, modified or when new comments are posted.

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Multi-Team Functionality

Oneteam Team members can have access to other Oneteam Teams to enable seamless communication.

Guest User Access Control

Administrators can limit access control through Guest Users. Personnel outside your company can be limited to specific browsing pages. Take control and accelerate information sharing and cooperation even with people outside your company.

Third Party Service Integrations

Oneteam supports external API Webhooks allowing your business to complement your business's existing 3rd party services and tools and boost your team's workflow.

On The Go?

Oneteam supports iPhone/Android as well as PC (Web browser/desktop application). Check messages, reply to comments, preview and send files from anywhere.


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Oneteam is the service of choice for teams in advertising and media

Over 800 Businesses Depend on Oneteam


Document Generation

  • Support Rich Text / Markdown
  • Edit History and Edit Difference Display
  • Templates
  • File Attachments / Preview
  • Embedding of external contents such as video data
  • Draft Mode

Information organization/Management

  • Keyword search
  • Bookmark / Saving
  • Group function
  • List of read message / Already-read display
  • Granular Sharing and Access Control


  • Comment Function
  • Reactions such as "Like!"
  • Express yourself with Emoji
  • Notification Settings
  • Mentions


  • Domain restriction
  • Authority management
  • AD Linkage (optional)
  • SSO by SAML authentication (optional)

Other functions

  • Unlimited storage capacity and duration
  • Webhook integration
  • Slack integration
  • Desktop application
  • Smartphone application

Industry Standard Security Compliance

All communication is encrypted with SSL (TLS) and your information is stored in our encrypted database. We have acquired ISMS certification for ISO/IEC2700, an international standard for information security.


If you have any comments or requests, please contact us via Live Support.