Stage 1  Free trial

Q. What is recommended environment for using Oneteam?

Check the operating environment.

Q. Can we use the smartphone application during free trial?

Yes. Please refer to "Use Oneteam through the smartphone" for details.

Q. How can we ask questions about operation or application method?

You can contact us through an inquiry form or  [Contact us] on Oneteam.

Q. Will we be charged when our trial is up?

No. We do not take the automatic charging system. If you do not select the price plan and payment method within 14 days of your free trial, Oneteam will become unusable. You can resume it by registering the price plan and payment method.
*If you continue after your trial, you can take over your accounts or logs used during the trial.

Q. Is the data capacity limited during free trial?

You can use your trial without limitation on the data capacity and features. The maximum number of characters when creating a topic is approximately 8000 characters. The maximum file data capacity you can send at a time is 500 MB but the total data capacity is unlimited.

Q. Are features limited during free trial?

You have an access to all the features except optional paid services during free trial. You can invite members up to 30 to your team.

Stage 2  Under consideration in your company

Q. What is the price for over 31 members?

Prices vary according to the number of members. Please contact us for details.

Q. Is it possible to link with external services?

Yes. We support the linkage system for other services such as Slack, Hoho CRM. You can link with various services by using Webhook.

Q. How is the security secured?

Communication is encrypted with SSL(TLS) and your information is stored in the encrypted database. We have acquired ISMS certification as we satisfied  ISO/IEC2700, international standard of the information security.

Q. Can we choose the language?

English and Japanese are available.

Q. Is the on-premise version available?

No. We do not offer the on-premise version.

Q. Can we use the service from outside of the office?

Yes. You can use Oneteam through the PC or smartphone.

Q. Do we need to install the software?

No. Oneteam is a cloud service. You do not need to install any software.

Q. We are considering introducing Oneteam. Do you offer training or information session at the time of introduction?

Yes. Please let us know if you need the information session from inquiry form.

Q. If we add members exceeding upper limit of the selected plan, will the price be changed automatically?

Your plan and the price are not changed automatically.
You can not add members exceeding upper limit of the number of your plan. A new member can be added when you change the plan.

Stage 3  Introducing Oneteam

Q. How payment should be made?

We accept payments by credit card or bill.
Please contact us about a bill payment.

Q. Can we make a lump-sum payment when selecting yearly contract?

Yes. Please choose [lump-sum payment] on plan selection screen. Please contact us if you use a bill payment.

Q. If the number of members changes when selecting a lump-sum payment, will the price be changed from the next month? Also, if we want to change the plan since the number of members decreases, will you refund the difference?

If the number of members decreases, downgrade of your plan or refund are not acceptable. When you upgrade your plan, you will be charged the fee for the "difference x remaining term".

Q. When is the payment due date for the credit card and bill payment?

When you pay with the credit card, we will process the request for the current month on the first day of the month (Please check the closing date with your credit card company). Regarding the payment on invoice, we basically send bill at the beginning of the month and ask to pay at the end of the month.

You can use Oneteam 14 days for free.

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If you have any comments or requests, please contact us via Live Support.